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It all initiated in the year 1910, when earlier allopathy medicine used to be very diminutive and We are proud to be a happy and satisfied patient of above 4,50,000 so far, across the India.


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For long healthy life, we have been greatly serving 100% natural, authentic, safe and chemical-free ayurvedic treatments which include Bhasma, Pishti, Vati, Ras, Rasayan, Guggulu, Kwath, Arishta and Asava.


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Iyur vaidya Ayurveda is a comprehensive solution of many diseases. Although , it be any disease, we are the ones here to treat you holistically.

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We provide fast, discreet shipping, as well as superior patient service. All home care supplies are shipped in unmarked packages, right to your doorstep.

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Our offerings those who are poor and cannot pay money, we treat them for free of cost with include a wide variety of disease and health information.

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